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River Kayaking Adventure from the Caravan Park to the Brewery

Kayaking is an exhilarating outdoor activity perfect for all nature lovers and makes for an incredible day out in the sun. There is no better way of touring both the Jamieson and Goulburn river than to paddle your way down to the Jamieson Brewery towards the beautiful Lake Eildon. This float is nothing short of spectacular and allows you to experience the beauty that the Victorian High Country has to offer.

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Start Your Adventure at Jamieson Caravan Park

Jamieson Caravan Park is located directly on the banks of the Jamieson River and makes for a fantastic spot to start your kayaking trip. Meet the team at the kayak shed where we will run you through a safety introduction and get you properly fitted and suited up with all the appropriate gear, including a life vest. Our team of experienced paddlers will assist you in safely getting into your kayak where the water is nice and calm. Here you can take all the time you need to practice some strokes and get familiar with the balance of your kayak before starting your paddle downstream. If you are looking for some extra tips, be sure to ask our educated staff.

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Paddle from the Caravan Park to the Brewery

Once you begin your paddle from the park, you will travel down the beautiful Jamieson river where you will pass ‘The Island’. This is a wonderful spot where the Jamieson and Goulburn River meet. The Goulburn River is a little wider and carries more water, so hold on tight because this current will give you a sweet little boost through your first set of rapids! Along this winding stretch of river, you will float under bridges past fields and paddocks, and travel along stunning rock faces. Be sure to keep a look out for some local wildlife such as ducks, birds, deer, kangaroos and even some rare sightings of a platypus!

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The Jamieson Brewery and Grill

What better way to end your kayaking adventure than with a delicious meal and a beer at the brewery? The Jamieson Brewery and Grill sits on the banks of the Goulburn River. The kayaking trip to the brewery from the caravan park takes anywhere from 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the water levels and the paddler. In the summertime you can sit in the beer garden, and in the colder months, get cosy indoors next to one of the woodfires. The brewery is family friendly and there is plenty of space for kids to safely run around. There is also a playground and a big jumping pillow! To check out the delicious menu of the Jamieson Brewery and Grill, as well as beer tasting information, brewery tours and opening hours click on their homepage.

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Trip Planning and Kayak Rental

While the kayaking trip to the brewery is our most popular one, there are a few other great options available for you as well. With a 4wd and kayak trailer we can get to many amazing locations on the Jamieson River, Goulburn River, Big River and Lake Eildon. Kayaking in the High Country is optimal during the springtime when the rivers are high, and the temperatures are on the rise. During summertime, however, the Jamieson and Goulburn river are quite shallow which makes it a little more difficult to kayak in some locations on the river. We are more than happy to help plan your excursion and arrange drop-offs and pick-ups depending on how long you wish to kayak, your skill level, and of course the river conditions. To find out more information or to make a booking, simply visit the kayaking section on our homepage, email us or give us a call on 03 5777 0567.

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Please be aware that kayaking is a water sport. You most likely get wet, and might even fall into the water. As with all outdoor adventures there is a risk with kayaking and a waver has to be signed before jumping into the boat.

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