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Fishing in Jamieson and the Victorian High Country

For many, the beauty of the High Country doesn’t lie within its sweeping vista’s, but in the iconic rivers and lakes. The Jamieson area is a great place for both beginners and experienced fisher to try their hand at catching one of the stunning fish.

Family Fishing in Jamieson

Clear streams and tranquil inlets ensure a magical fishing experience. The Jamieson River loop around the Jamieson Caravan Park where you can fish off the banks, or try your luck venturing out to the Goulburn River or Lake Eildon only minutes away.

Boat fishing

There are several boat ramps in the area where you can launch a boat into Lake Eildon. Which boat ramp is best to launch from depends on lake water levels. Here is a link to the Operating levels for Lake Eildon Boat Ramps. The closest one is the Jamieson Boat Ramp only a few minutes from the Caravan Park. Alternatively turn down Barnetts Road in Howqua (no boat ramp), or you may use the boat ramp located at the Howqua Valley Holiday Park for a fee. If water levels are low, we do recommend you launch your boat at one of the boat ramps located in Goughs Bay.

Jamieson River Trout

Fish Species

Carp, Brown & Rainbow Trout, Redfin, and Golden Perch are just some of the species that can be caught. Trout, Redfin and Golden Perch are all good eating and rarely have a “muddy” taste to them. In addition to these species, Lake Eildon is renowned for its Murray Cod, Australia's largest freshwater fish. Frequently, Murray Cod over 1 metre length are caught in Lake Eildon. The local fish are stealthy and enjoy the shelter of logs, submerged trees, deep holes and rock ledges making them a challenge for even the most experienced fisher.

Fishing Supplies

The Jamieson General Store carries basic fishing supplies only a few hundred meters from the Caravan Park. If you are looking for some more expert gear and want to ask a few questions while shopping, head into Mansfield Hunting and Fishing located in the Mansfield Township.


The bait you use to catch your fish will depend on what species you are hoping to reel in! Each species of fish collects their food from various places. Recommended bait for the fish in the area are scrub worms, powerbait, yabbies, mudeye, as well as corn kernels. Some fish are bottom feeders, meaning that they swim close to the bottom of the lake, collecting food from the lakebed. While other fish, including trout and redfin are known as opportunistic feeders, meaning they will happily grab onto anything in their path. Therefore lures are also a great option for the opportunistic feeders, as they appear to the fish as a quick and colourful meal moving through the water. Recommended lures to use in the area include bluefox spinners, Tasmanian devils, Daiwa DR joint minnows, Jackall TN50, Berkley powerbait grub and bullet lures.

Targeting trout The best live bait to use when targeting Trout include live scrub worms, earthworms, minnows, mudeye, yabbies and crickets. Trout also find lure appealing and will often hook onto a shallow diving hard bodied minnow, spinners, Tasmanian devils and soft plastics.

Targeting Redfin/Golden Perch Redfin & Golden Perch respond very well to most lures and soft plastics. Specifically, recommended are curl tails and paddle tails in both natural and bright colours. The best way to use these is to cast towards a submerged tree or structure and reel in the lure slowly with lifts and pauses. Keep in mind that Redfin can be heavy, and they are easily prone to snagging.

Targeting Murray Cod Good lure options for Murray Cod include hard body lures, surface lures, spinnerbaits, swimbaits, shads, lipless crankbaits, paddle tail and curtail soft plastics. These work best when reeled slowly or trawled from the back of a boat if possible. Imitation lures such as mice, frogs and snakes with realistic action are also a fantastic option for Cod.

Best time for Fishing

Spring is the best time to go fishing in the area when targeting species such as Trout and Cod. They are active any time of the day but tend to take the bite more often in the last 2 hours of daylight. Trout are more active in the colder months, while Redfin and Golden Perch are more active in the warmer months. Generally speaking, dawn and dusk are the best times of the day to go fishing. This is when the fish are more active and looking for food.

Rules & Regulations

Remember to always carry your fishing license with you. You can purchase these online, where you have the option of a 3 day fishing pass, as well as a yearly, and a 3 year pass.

To maintain the water quality and ensure our waters are kept well stocked, there are size and bagging limits to each species of fish.

It is recommended to throw all native species of fish back into the water to help maintain the water quality. More information on catch-and-release here.

You are not allowed to fish Trout in rivers and streams from Tuesday after Queen's Birthday Weekend until the first weekend in September. Lake Eildon is open for Trout fishing all year around. Click here for the current date range and more detailed information.

Rules as well apply for the fishing of Murray Cod in rivers and streams and is not allowed 1st of September to the 30th of November inclusive. Murray Cod is allowed to be fished in Lake Eildon all year around.

We hope you have gained some helpful information out of this post, and the links provide you with a good source for further reading. Have the best time fishing, and don't forget to share photos of your adventures with us.

Fishing in the Jamieson River Victorian High Country


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