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Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Children

A fantastic way to entertain the kids

In August 2020, our daughter was sent a scavenger hunt by our local playgroup teacher. We took the paper on our daily walk around Jamieson, and all of us loved it. It made our day, so much so, that we immediately sat down to design two fun scavenger hunts for you! One is ideal to do on your local walk, the other one is perfect for your next Jamieson holidays.

Outdoor Scavenger hunt for children lockdown activity

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for at home

This scavenger hunt can be done anywhere; here in Jamieson, in Melbourne, Shepparton or even Switzerland. A great activity for the children and exciting for the whole family. There are images of all things to find, so no reading skills are required and even the younger children can enjoy it. Our nearly 3-year-old daughter had a ball and found heaps of the things ‘all by herself’. If your kids are young, best to take a stamp or marker so it is easy for them to tick the box on the go.

To print at home download below PDF versions of the scavenger hunts.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Children
Download PDF • 570KB
Camping Scavenger Hunt for Children
Download PDF • 464KB

Camping Scavenger Hunt for your next family holidays

The ‘Camping Scavenger Hunt’ is available at the Jamieson Caravan Park reception. You can ask for it at check-in or during your stay. This scavenger hunt is as well for kids of all ages and no reading skills are required. We hope the scavenger hunt adds to your great Jamieson experience and is an adventure for the whole family.

Outdoor activity for children on holidays camping scavenger hunt caravan park

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Happy hunting!


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