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Finishing an adventurous day around the campfire with family and friends is one of the best things in life.


At Jamieson Caravan Park we allow campfires all year around except on declared 'total fire ban days' or days considered to be dangerous due to weather warnings by management. In house guests will be informed if no campfires are allowed and signs are displayed at reception and in the amenities block.

  • Campfires are only allowed in firepits.

  • 10 litres of water must be held within 3 meters of the fire. 

  • Campfires must be at least 3 meters away from trees, tents, BBQ's, fuel, caravans and any other flammable sources. 

  • Firewood must be contained within the fire pit. No long/large wood to be hanging out of the pit. 

  • Fires cannot be left unattended at any time and fires are to be extinguished before going to bed.

  • Please leave the firepits ready for the next guests, don't leave rubbish or ash in firepit. If ash is still hot, please let management know at check out.

Fixed fire pits are located in front of the riverfront cabins, riverfront sites and the communal area next to the basketball court. Portable firepits are scattered throughout the park. We don't take reservations for the firepits, there are usually enough for all groups to have one. Find one and take it to your site.

You can bring your own firepit, it has to be off ground and contain all the ash, please let management know if you do so.

Firewood can be purchased from reception for $25 per trolley load, including some kindling and fire starter.

As always with fires we ask our guests to be mindful, respectful of other guests and have safety measurements in place. Breaches of the rules and dangerous behaviour will lead to eviction.

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