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Cabin stays have a 2 night minimum over weekends, except cabin 9. Last minute 1 night stays might be available please give us a call on 0494 119 032.

During peak periods and school holidays minimum stays apply. Peak periods are all Public Holidays, Long Weekends, and Summer School Holidays (incl. Christmas, New Years, Australia Day).

  • Long Weekends - 3 nights minimum

  • Easter Weekend - 4 nights minimum

  • Melbourne Cup Weekend - 4 nights minimum 

  • Summer School Holidays  - 4 nights minimum

  • Autumn/Winter/Spring School Holiday - 2 nights minimum (Cabins, GT's, Van's only)


Deposit Policy:

Off Peak: 

  • Deposit due when booking placed. The deposit is the first nights cost. 


  • First deposit due when booking placed. The deposit is the first nights cost (with a $100 minimum)

  • Final deposit is due 2 weeks prior to arrival and is the full outstanding amount.

  • If we have a credit card on file these payments will be taken automatically.


  • Deposit due at time of booking and is the full amount.


Cancellation Policy:

  • Under two weeks notice - deposit forfeited. (in the case of peak bookings, this is the FULL amount)

  • Between two and four weeks notice - 50% Deposit forfeited. $25.00 minimum applies

  • Over four weeks notice - $25.00 of the deposit forfeited.

  • If you wish to stay 1 or more nights less, and inform us less than 2 weeks prior to your arrival date, then the deposit will be charged to the cancelled days.

  • Leaving early will not merit a refund of any sort. Even if we kick you out for breaking the rules.


Refund Policy:

  • If for any reason we are unable to provide your accommodation/kayaking (flood, fire etc) we will refund your booking in full.

  • If you are unable to arrive we will refund the booking following our cancellation policy above.


Park Rules:

By staying at Jamieson Caravan Park you agree to the following rules and policies. Damage to property, offensive behaviour, and non-compliance with the park rules are not be tolerated and will result in immediate expulsion of the offending party, no refunds given.

  • SPEED LIMIT in Caravan Park is 5km per hour! Be aware of children running and cycling on the roads.

  • BOOM GATE access code is available at reception. To exit the park, drive up close to the boom gate. Do not park or stop under the gate.

  • CHECK OUT time is 10am. Late checkout may be available, please confirm with staff on the day PRIOR to departure.

  • VISITORS are required to report to the office before entering the park. Site tenants are responsible for their guest’s compliance with the Park’s policies. Visitors cars are to be parked outside the Park. Parking is available in Grey St or Nash St. Visitors are required to vacate the premises by 10pm.

  • CHILDREN must be supervised by their parents at all times. Parents are responsible for their children’s safety and behaviour.

  • BICYCLES may be ridden but must give way to cars and pedestrians. Keep the speed safe at all times. Helmets must be worn, and riding in the dark is not allowed. (riding at night slowly with lights on is ok)

  • NO PETS are permitted in the Park without prior notice being given at reception. Any animals we do allow in must meet very strict standards/ follow pet policies (to be signed at reception). No dogs in cabins/glamping tent at any time. No dogs during school holidays and over long weekends.

  • WATER on sites, in cabins and in amenities meets Australian drinking water quality standards.

  • CAMP FIRES are only permitted in fire pits located in the park or as agreed to with management. Always check regulations, and follow CFA rules. No fires are allowed on total fire ban days and when management considers it a risk (signs will be displayed).

  • SMOKING is not allowed in cabins, the swimming pool area and the amenities block. Also, be considerate to your fellow campers, if anyone asks you to smoke further away from them, please do so.

  • NOISE must be kept to a respectful level at all times. Noise must be kept to a minimum before 8am and after 10:30pm. Please make sure to switch of your music and speak at quieter levels from 10.30pm onwards. Park staff conduct night rounds to make sure this rule is followed and everyone is respectful of their neighbours and fellow campers. If noise is at an unreasonable level after 10:30 please contact the after hours number and we will address this issue.

  • PERSONAL SAFETY AND PROPERTY is in the responsibility of the guest. No responsibility is taken by Jamieson Caravan Park.

  • VISUAL AND AUDIO SURVEILLANCE is in place in some areas (reception and some outdoor areas) of the park. Purpose of the surveillance is the safety and security of employees, guests, visitors and property.

Please make sure to leave your cabin/van/tent/site as you found it. Put your rubbish in the bins provided & if staying in an accommodation make sure to wash your dishes and put them away clean and dry. If your accommodation is left in a disrespectful state, a cleaning fee will be charged to your credit card. If property gets damaged during your stay, we will charge a replacement fee.


6 Grey Street, Jamieson, VIC 3723, Australia

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